Let´s talk about scripts
Panel – Discussions

Let´s talk about scripts is our main program to call attention to the work of the screenwriters. In several discussions with screenwriters about the latest Austrian films we on the one hand reach the movie audience and on the other hand writers can share their experiences with the panellists.
Our previous guests among others were Andreas Schmied, Xaver Bayer, Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel, Ulrich Seidl and Veronika Franz.
The next guests will be Götz Spielmann with Oktober November and Gustav Deutsch with Shirley – Visions of Reality.

Fokus FIGUREN – Writing the Heroine’s Story
Lecture and workshop Helen Jacey, 22. – 24.11.2013

Helen Jacey will explore some of the critical, creative and institutional factors that result in the perennial and problematic issues of positive female character representation. Why do so many female screenwriters have trouble getting their female-led stories into production? Why are the female characters in male-protagonist driven films so frequently limited to types? What do we want from female protagonists? And who, anyway, are ‘we?’ – writers, directors, producers, distributors, or audiences? Depending on what hat we wear, are our agendas perpetually at odds when it comes to the ‘great female character?’
This seminar shows how to develop and create powerful heroines for the screen and reveals the narrative secrets of successful stories with female protagonists.

Aktuelle Impulse – current impulses
Panel – Discussion

In 2013 we started a new series of events: Aktuelle Impulse – writers of non-fiction literature report about their field of studies.
Heidi Kastner, international well known forensic psychiatrist, talked about several cases including famous Austrian delinquents like Fritzl or “the ice lady”. The profiles of the offenders and the deep insight in their lives resulting from intensive investigations were extremely fascinating, not only for crime-writers.
The most recent guest was Hans Weiss, who wrote about the atrocious conditions in Austrians children’s homes over the last 40 years, as of recent – a much talked-about subject touching child-abuse and mistreatings in foster-homes and other institutions that held children and teenagers. Special focus the book gave to the evident lack of assuming responsibility of the federal and communal authorities for gross crimes committed by members of the educational, medical and managerial staffs.
The last event this year will address a current main topic in the media: surveillance. An Austrian ex-secret agent will report on his work that includes spying, electronic eavesdropping, monitoring and securing data, all in the name of security and the war on terror, as the Secret State Police sees it.

Arbeit Alltag Welt –Everyday’s Work, Unknown places

To inspire writers creativity, we offer excursions to places, where someone could not go so easily as a private person. Focus of this year was on psychotherapy and psychiatry. Among others we have been to the Psychotherapy Station of the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna. Authors obtained an insight into the different areas of competence as found at various departments, where psychiatrists, nurses and administration work together.
Another event introduced three representatives of different schools of psychotherapy. The experts provided short lectures on their practice and working methods and answered questions of the authors.

Copy & pay
One day conference on international experiences about online diffusion and copyright law for screenwriters

In December 2012 we invited international experts to focus on the new challenges of the digital market concerning the works of scriptwriters.
How can the situation be improved by offering legal movies? How can creators get their share of advertising revenue from internet platforms? What arrangements can be found with broadcasters for catch-up TV? Specific questions such as these were illuminated by short presentations and discussed in detail.

Cooperation Diagonale – Festival of the Austrian Film – Industry Meeting 2013
The two-day Diagonale industry meeting (March 13-14, 2013) was dedicated to story and project development. Specialists from all over Europe met at Graz to explore new models of cooperation creating films.

Cooperation Diagonale – Festival of the Austrian Film
The two-day Diagonale branch meeting 2013 was dedicated to the subject of story and project development. Specialists from all over Europe met at Graz to explore new models of creating films.

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