Fokus Treatment

Because of the blur meaning of a treatment and resulting problems in production, we discuss this topic extensively.

We offer lectures, a discussions and a seminars to investigate the function and the quality of treatments – everything concerning this tool, from creating ideas to the final writing.
Our earlier guests were Dennis Eick and Keith Cunningham.


Another focus of 2010 is the method of acting, which can be useful for the process of writing. In two three-day seminars one can learn how to develop a role from the actor´s point of view: Meisner method, Method Acting and Wondering Reading are some of the tools we use.
By way of exercises and playing games the author experiences the characters of his “own” plays. This provides important knowledge for creating characters and dialogues and helps to understand the actor´s part.

Literature Meets Drehbuch

Film adaptations of novels exist since the beginning of filmmaking. But what are the differences between writing literature and writing a screenplay? And what have they in common? These are the questions we want to ask in the next two years – a cross media and genre exposition, from which screenwriters and novelists may benefit.


Our Previous Guests

Edward Zebrowski, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Julian Friedmann, Martin Daniel, Inga Karetnikova, Syd Field, Robert McKee, Linda Seger, Christopher Vogler, Mogens Rukov, Christian Petzold, Dagmar Benke, Phil Parker, Michael Gutmann, Jürgen vom Scheidt, Keith Cunningham, Dennis Eick, Helen Jacey, Frank Spotnitz.

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